Product design should contribute to a positive change in people's lives. That is what we believe in. Do you want to create positive change as well?

We help courageous companies to reshape the world positively with industrial design.

Reshaping the world is helping people to sport and exercise more with an activity monitor, like we designed for Philips, developing a medical device that kills bacteria and viruses in hospital rooms or developing an even better workplace for a wheel loader operator.
We specialize in industrial design of sports products, medical products, transportation & automotive products and professional products. Our partners are courageous multinationals, mid-sized companies and ambitious start-ups.

During our product design process we continuously keep people in mind. Our aim is creating a long-lasting positive meaning for people.



Industrial design as a tool for reshaping the world

We hope you share our vision and want to create unexpected solutions and contribute to people's well being with long-lasting meaningful products.

We'd love to help you on this product design challenge with our team, our broad experience and wide range of skills.

Just like we helped for instance our partners Philips, SMF Potok and Zeleritaz Sports to create activity monitors, a medical bio-inactivation air treatment system and a line of patented inline skate wheels.

Medical Design

End-user perspective during industrial design, product engineering and prototyping

We believe it is important to keep focus on core meaning and end user perspective throughout the total product design process.

Of course we have large set of knowledge of all aspects of product development, including ecological strategies, iteration techniques, manufacturability, business models, materials, prototyping, intellectual property, costing, design for assembly, but if we had to stress a single topic then we would go for ergonomics and meaning.


Product design iterations that are worth the investment

Great industrial design, iterations, multiple prototypes and optimizations, ergonomic form testing, quality engineering and user testing takes time. But it will paid off.

Good product design adds strategic value to your company, like in the case of Zeleritaz Racing Sports. Their new line of inline skate wheels did not only win a ISPO Gold Winner Award for best sports product 2015/2016, but was praised as well for the high level of innovation and sustainable solution.

We believe it is possible to create sustainable positive solutions for end-users and make good money as well.

Sport Product Design



From core-meaning based design strategy to manufacturing

Our services include the full package from meaning based design strategy to prototypes and in some cases manufacturing support.

During the design process we use high quality design tools, sketching techniques and powerful 3D CAD surface modelers, and we continously build mockups and prototypes to test user experience, interaction and ergonomics.

Whether we design for health and medical applications, for consumers or professionals, we will always try to design products that will have a long lasting meaning for people.

Industrial Design for Professionals

Our industrial design services

We create new unexpected solutions and quality industrial design for innovative start-ups, mid sized companies and multinationals like Philips, Swisscom, TÜV and Decathlon.
insight, design strategy, meaning, design approach

Design Strategy

We thoroughly study the core meaning, users, use applications and design styling for a new solution or product, using research and creative tools, leading to a solid design strategy document.
system design

System Design

Products require a solid system design, with selection of the right components and testing functionality in the very beginning to make sure that all works well, both functionally and ergonomically.
concept design, sketching, new concepts

Concept Design

Hand sketching, creating quick mockups, testing on users and in our team, digital sketching and high quality automotive 3D surface modelling form the core of our concept designs.
interaction design, interface design

Interaction Design

Parallel with the concept design, our team creates interaction schemes, works on usability & ergonomics and designs interfaces.
product engineering, 3D CAD engineering, product development

Product Development

The newly created and visualized concept develops further using 3D CAD software. We create innovative technical solutions, filling in more details on components, materials and connections.
prototyping, testing, interations

Prototyping & Iterations

Prototyping and testing is a continuous process during a design project to check usability and user friendliness. When shape, functionality and interaction are good, the files are ready for final engineering optimizations at a manufacturing company.
transport design, construction equipment design, agricultural machine design, train design, tram design

Transportation Design

We design and develop new interior and exterior parts for construction machines, agricultural machines, trains and trams with Class A surface modeling, high level of ergonomics and innovative new solutions.
medical design, medical engineering

Medical Design

We design and develop semi-medical and medical devices, personal health devices, products for elderly care and rehabilitation, including support in the field of medical certifications.

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Do you dare to create positive change in people's lives?

We use our industrial design expertise and product development skills to help people reach healthier, safer or better life conditions. That sounds idealistic, and so it is.
Of course we also know about the dynamics of business and about the need to make money. We believe we can help your company to achieve both: make good money and design products that contribute to people's well being.
We partner with courageous companies, from start-up to multinational and design both medical products, sports products, transport & vehicles, professional products and high quality consumer products. Those fields share the need for a high level of ergonomic product design, class-a surface modeling and love for detail.
You find our products in Europe, the USA and Asia in many different places like care homes, paper manufacturing facilities, sport courts, construction sites, hospitals and dentists practices.

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