Industrial design of sports products, medical devices, high quality consumer products, vehicles and products for professional applications.

Our partners reshape daily life in a positive way with their products.

We help them with industrial design. High-end industrial design, based on ergonomics and core meanings, results in honest products with focus and a powerful story.
Choosing a design partner is an important decision, we understand that. To help you evaluate that decision, we’ve prepared a playbook for you.

We can help you as well with design and development of high-quality products that provide a positive contribution in the lives of people. Human focussed, high-end, no long term commitments.

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Why partners choose us



Industrial design and space technology

What happens if you use space technology to control infections in hospitals and dental practices? A great example of reshaping the world from our partner SMF Potok Inter, introducing this new technology at the medical fair in Dubai this year.

The Potok 300 device is based on technology used in the Mir orbital station and the International Space Station, using nano materials and bio-inactivation technology to kill 99,8% of all virusses, bacteria and fungus in the air. The devices operate in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms to serve as a highly efficient supplementary infection control device.

Medical Design

End-user perspective during industrial design and product development

We have a large set of knowledge of all aspects of product development, including ecological strategies, iteration techniques, manufacturability, business models, materials, prototyping, intellectual property, costing, design for assembly, but if we had to stress a single topic then we would go for ergonomics and user experience.


Product design iterations that are worth the investment

High quality industrial design, iterations, multiple prototypes and optimizations, ergonomic form testing, quality engineering and user testing takes time. But it adds tremendous value to your business in terms of focus, innovation and a powerful story.

Like in the case of Zeleritaz Racing Sports. The new Zeleritaz line of inline skate wheels did not only win a ISPO Gold Winner Award for best sports product 2015/2016, but was praised as well for the high level of innovation and sustainable solution, resulting in a commercial success. 

Sport Product Design

Focus, choices and risks

While developing the design strategy and designing the new product, we actively help our partners to get and keep focus. In this way the product will be able to play an important role in the lives of end users, will be honest and will have a powerful story.

On important design decisions we help our partners to make a weighted choice, based on risks, costs and added value, not only in the development stages but also later during certifications, assembly and production.


Industrial design of vehicles

We design and develop vehicle concepts, body parts and interiors for professional construction machines, agricultural tractors, bikes, trains or other means of transport.

We love working on even better trucks, trains and tractors, where concentration of the driver, safety and efficiency play a large role.

Our expertise in ergonomics, high quality surface modeling and concept design helps to create meaningful new solutions.

vehicle design

Lawrence Chiu

Zeleritaz Racing Sports, Hongkong

"We appreciated your help, you and your team have definitely proved your professionalism. Your service is highly treasured and recommended"

Alexander Nagolkin

SMF Potok Inter

"We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product."

Boudewijn Hoekstra

Niko Home Automation

"Bluelarix Designworks is a well-organised, creative and flexibele hardware design firm. Andreas is an intelligent and easy-going person. Did some good development for parts of the Niko Projects solution."

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions you came up with”

Evert Jaap Lugt

NGTI Swisscom

“I am happy we came to a great design. I gladly connect my name to this."

Bjorn Snijders, Wim Timmer

TüV Rheinland Sonovation

"We are content with the present design solution, it is a great step forward communicating the quality we deliver.”

Why partners choose us


From core-meaning based design strategy to manufacturing

Our services include the full package from meaning based design strategy to prototypes and in some cases manufacturing support.

During the design process we use high quality design tools, sketching techniques and powerful 3D CAD surface modelers, and we continously build mockups and prototypes to test user experience, interaction and ergonomics.

Whether we design for health and medical applications, for consumers or professionals, we will always try to design products that will have a long lasting meaning for people.

Industrial Design for Professionals

Our industrial design competences

insight, design strategy, meaning, design approach

Design Strategy

We thoroughly study the core meaning, users, use applications and design styling for a new solution or product, using research and creative tools, leading to a solid design strategy document.
system design

System Design

Products require a solid system design, with selection of the right components and testing functionality in the very beginning to make sure that all works well, both functionally and ergonomically.
concept design, sketching, new concepts

Concept Design

Hand sketching, creating quick mockups, testing on users and in our team, digital sketching and high quality automotive 3D surface modelling form the core of our concept designs.
interaction design, interface design

Interaction Design

Parallel with the concept design, our team creates interaction schemes, works on usability & ergonomics and designs interfaces.
product engineering, 3D CAD engineering, product development

Product Development

The newly created and visualized concept develops further using 3D CAD software. We create innovative technical solutions, filling in more details on components, materials and connections.
prototyping, testing, interations

Prototyping & Iterations

Prototyping and testing is a continuous process during a design project to check usability and user friendliness. When shape, functionality and interaction are good, the files are ready for final engineering optimizations at a manufacturing company.
transport design, construction equipment design, agricultural machine design, train design, tram design

Vehicle Design

We design and develop vehicles, new interior and exterior parts for construction machines, agricultural machines, trains and trams with Class A surface modeling, high level of ergonomics and innovative new solutions.
medical design, medical engineering

Medical Design

We design and develop semi-medical and medical devices, personal health devices, products for elderly care and rehabilitation, including support in the field of medical certifications.

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Do you want to create positive change in people's lives?

We believe we can help your business generating revenue with new high-quality products that provide a positive contribution in the lives of people.
Investing in high-quality industrial design, based on ergonomics and core meaning, results in innovative and honest products with focus and a powerful story.
We partner with courageous companies, from start-up to multinational and specialize in industrial design of medical products, sports products, vehicles, professional products and high-quality consumer products. Those fields share the need for a high level of ergonomic product design, class-a surface modeling and love for detail.
You find our products in Europe, the USA and Asia in many different places like care homes, paper manufacturing facilities, sport courts, construction sites, hospitals and dentists practices.

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