User research, ergonomics and frequent testing with mockups on people are standard ingredients in our design process.

Our design approach

Our approach to product design is focused first of all on making a positive change in peoples lives through the products we design. We love to work with courageous companies that share this vision with us.
User research, ergonomics and mockup testing are important ingredients in our design process. We integrate product design with our in-house electronics development, giving us the opportunity to design the technical platform as well, which makes interaction possible with users. That gives us direct control on the way how for instance buttons behave, how feedback is given, how sensors work and how fast software and processors react on human actions.

Our design process is based on a solid design strategy. Once that foundation is made, we create hundreds of sketches, run form-finding sessions, perform multiple design iterations with mockups, create functional prototypes, test in real life situations and implement improvements. We consult with production partners, optimize for manufacturing capabilities, make simulations and determine in general how tooling and molds could be built.


People oriented design

We design for people. Our goal is to design products with meaning, which mean a real improvement for the user in terms of safety, health or living conditions.

During the Design Strategy stage of the project we use powerful tools in order define the core meanings the product will have for users. On-site user research and testing with mockups helps to design concepts and products that are easy to use, ergonomic and contribute to people's well being.

Interaction, electronics & software

Our in-house electronics department designs the technical platforms that make interaction with products possible.
At an early stage in the project, we build a preliminary system based on standard pcb development boards, before we start designing the final pcb. In that way we can run early tests with the system in conjunction with an early version of the embedded software, to learn how the product works best and what interaction models work well.

Sustainable product design

Sustainability in a sense how products will be de-assembled and recycled is extremely complex, especially as most products are complex. We believe much more in giving products a great meaning and high quality, so that they will serve people very long.

Practically this means for us that we ideally design only products which in our opinion will have a long term positive impact on people. Consequently we would not design products that are very trendy and are specifically designed to serve the user only for a few months.

Designing sustainable

Grip on the process

Product design is a creative process. And creative processes could feel scary, as together with you we would create something that has never been done before. That sounds alarming in terms of managing such a process. Yet we have put in place a few powerful tools to help us manage the process and keep you well informed. 

We use a powerful online project management and collaboration tool to distribute tasks in every phase between our team members, so that everyone that is involved in the project is up to date of the planning, tasks and deadlines of the project.

Each week you will receive an email from us with a Project Update statement. We describe in this email the actions we have carried out last week and the actions we work on the upcoming week. This helps you to keep track of the project. In the Project Update sheet you will find the project budgets, agreed extra work, actual spend budget, all purchased parts, invoices and agreements we made during the project.

And of course we hold regular (online) meetings and have contact by email and phone, as to keep you deeply involved in the design strategy and concept design process.


Design Quality & Planning

Design quality is extremely important to us during the whole process, both in a form that we can measure as well as in the experience of quality.

To reach this quality we need time. We understand very well that every project has a planning and dead-lines, yet if we have to choose between high quality and planning, we will go for high quality.

What we don't do

Through the years we have identified a number of industries that we feel are not in line with our core company vision and values. This means that we do not run projects in the following fields: weapon industry, tobacco industry, sex industry, industries that use animal testing and all other industries that in our view do not contribute to the health and well being of people or animals.

Want to talk in more detail?

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Do you want to create positive change in people's lives?

We believe we can help your business making money with new high-quality products that make a positive contribution in the lives of people.
Investing in high-quality industrial design, based on ergonomics and core meaning, results in innovative and honest products with focus and a powerful story.
We partner with courageous companies, from start-up to multinational and specialize in industrial design of medical products, sports products, vehicles, professional products and high-quality consumer products. Those fields share the need for a high level of ergonomic product design, class-a surface modeling and love for detail.
You find our products in Europe, the USA and Asia in many different places like care homes, paper manufacturing facilities, sport courts, construction sites, hospitals and dentists practices.

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how can I start a project?

As a first step, it is good to read through the following pages to get a good picture of the design process, risks and our approach.

our approach to industrial design
focus, risk and grip on the process
why partners choose us

A second step is to read something about our focus area's.

high-quality consumer products
product design of sports products
industrial design of medical devices
industrial design for professionals
industrial design of vehicles

The third step is to send us a description of your project at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., so that we can help you further to get started.