We are driven by creating products that help ordinary people to reach healthier, safer and better life conditions.

Why partners choose us

Both multinationals, mid-sized companies and promising start-ups choose us as partner for their product design projects.
The reason for choosing us is different for every company, but mostly has to do with our vision on people-oriented and meaningful product design. The reasons we normally hear from our clients are:

human focused design

We are focused on creating meaningful products, that will be an improvement for the user in terms of experience, interaction and ergonomics. Our extensive experience in the field of usability, ergonomics and interaction design helps in achieving this.

high quality industrial design

A combination of highly experienced designers, powerful strategic design tools, a profound concept design process and Class A surface modeling results in high-quality industrial design.

no long term commitment, but flexibility and partnership

We offer our services in a project-based way, with a clear scope, planning and budgets. We can also offer you our unique subscription model. There are no long term commitments, but instead more flexibility, monthly the possibility to give notice and full focus on partnership.

Ask for our Playbook with the form below if you want to know more.


high-end product engineering

Product engineering is an absolutely important part of the projects that we run. Functionality and quality are absolutely crucial to create good products, therefore we offer high-end product engineering, with CAD surface modeling, FEM analyses, Design for Manufacturing, prototype testing according to safety norms and support with certifications.

Our in-house product development and engineering includes material selection, 3D CAD detailing, assembly solutions, finishing, joints, integration of electronics, manufacturing technology and technical support towards manufacturing partners.

We have experience in supporting our partners with the certification of products, both general certifications for CE / UL regarding mechanical and low voltage regulations, as well as EMC and ESD regulations. Apart from that we can also assist together with a notified body in the application and testing for specific medical certifications like 93/42/EEC, ICE 60601 or FDA class I or II devices.

We have done high quality product engineering with our partners SMF Potok Inter, Philips Personal Health Systems, Zeleritaz Racing Sports, TüV Rheinland, Swisscom and Decathlon.

grip on the design proces

To manage the iterative process of product design in the best possible way, we use a few tools to manage risks and to give you maximum control. For instance by means of a ‘look in the kitchen meeting’ and a weekly Project Update. In that sheet you will find project budgets, agreed extra work, actual spend budget, all purchased parts, invoices and agreements we made during the project.


We are used to run projects successfully in cooperation with international teams of our clients. On our side we speak English, native German and native Russian, which proved to be a large asset in many complex projects.

integration of electronics

We have many years of experience in design of interaction and integration of electronics in our products. If you already have an electronics development partner or you develop electronics in-house, our experience helps to communicate effectively with your team or partners.


ISPO Best Sport Product Gold Winner 2015 / 2016 for the Zeleritaz DWS Z1 Detachable inline skate wheels
The DWS Z1 is a sleek, streamlined, high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system that weighs less than 155 grams, yet it’s highly durable due to its unique aluminum rim. The wheel has unparalleled strength and speed. Additionally, it requires less material and time to replace. The elimination of a non-recyclable plastic core makes the process of changing wheels better for the environment and it’s revolutionizing the skating industry.

Benedik-Design, Founder (SLV)
Winner Consumer Voting ISPO COMMUNITY:
"The interchangeable rim/rubber concept is a perfect example for ecological engineering. It's also a great example for how to implement proven principles into the action sports industries. In addition, the user will carry less weight and spend less on the exchange of wheels."
ISPO Best Sport Product Winner 2015 / 2016 for the Zeleritaz Racing Sports - BLT - 608 Bearing Releasor Tool
The BLT is a unique and innovative hand tool specifically designed for the quick and easy release of all 608 bearings. The performance-consistent BLT was specifically designed for one job: to improve skaters’ experiences when changing bearings. This tool eliminates hesitation, guesswork, and struggle from this previously irritating task.


Lawrence Chiu

Zeleritaz Racing Sports, Hongkong

"We have been working closely with Bluelarix Designworks for the past 3 years. Never any problem working with nice people. Very professional, organised, smart, strong vision and yet extremely easy going people. I would strongly recommend Bluelarix Designworks to those who need support in industrial design and product engineering projects. They are the team!"

Maarten-Jan van Fulpen

Fast Focus

"Last year we have successfully worked with Bluelarix Designworks in the product design of a e-health solution. Both business and creative wise Bluelarix Designworks is a very pleasant and professional partner. Andreas' experience and drive is very inspiring. The close collaboration with the design leads to a successful design process and both functional and good looking product design."

Alexander Nagolkin

SMF Potok Inter

"We appreciate the design of the 300 unit, visitors of the Arab Health fair in Dubai and the Medica were very pleased with the product."

Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions you came up with”

Evert Jaap Lugt

NGTI Swisscom

“I am happy we came to a great design. I gladly connect my name to this."

Bjorn Snijders, Wim Timmer

TüV Rheinland Sonovation

"We are content with the present design solution, it is a great step forward communicating the quality we deliver.”

Boudewijn Hoekstra

Niko Home Automation

"Bluelarix Designworks is a well-organised, creative and flexibele hardware design firm. Andreas is an intelligent and easy-going person. Did some good development for parts of the Niko Projects solution."


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Are you ready to change people's lives positively with industrial design?

We can help your business as an industrial design firm to generate revenue with new high-quality products that provide a positive contribution in the lives of people.
Our process and approach of product design and development is unique. The basis is a solid design strategy and core meanings, followed by extensive experience in ergonomics, great styling and robust product engineering. The results are honest products, with focus and a powerful positive story.

We partner with courageous companies, from start-up to multinational.

Working with our product design firm is different.


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