Product development through "class A" surface modeling, CAD engineering and intense testing on functional prototypes is our recipe for first-class design.

Electronics Design

We believe that the basis of pcb development should be obtained by short user research, quick iterations with prototypes and development boards and testing functionality and interaction with users.
The electronic solutions that we co-developed are manufactured in small series from 10 pieces up to hundred-thousands per year and can be found in wearables, medical devices and professional tools.


pcb board, dslr, ARM

DSLR Imaging Board

Allwinner A13 ARM cortex A8 processor board for image processing in a DSLR camera.
pcb design, bluetooth, wireless

Bluetooth Handset Board

Bluetooth 4.0 based handset pcb board for a consumer communication solution.
medical tablet, pcb design

5G Tablet Computer Board

Medical tablet computer, running on 1.6Ghz Intel Atom processor, with capacitive touch controller, high quality audio and 13" HD display.
digital measuring device, pcb design

Tensio+ Measuring Device Board

New digital measuring device for the paper industry. The instrument measures the tension in felts on the paper production machine, stores and analyses data.
pcb board, docking

5G docking power board

Small switching power solution for a medical docking station.
pcb design, Intel, communication

5G building entrance solution

Communication board with streaming video solution, based on Intel Atom technology for care-home buildling entrance management.
pcb design, intercom, audio, power over ethernet

Bloom Intercom

Medical intercom system with power over ethernet and audio solutions.
power extractor, pcb design

PoE power extractor

Add-on product to give power over ethernet functionality to a standard industrial touchpanel.


Experience in electronics implementation

We have many years of experience in co-developing smart electronic solutions for both professional, medical and sports products.

We always have prototypes build of the newly designed PCB boards, so that we can directly test and apply quick iterations. A network of development and manufacturing partners helps to transfer the product towards production smoothly, including support and advice in organizing the assembly of the total product, certifications and quality assurance.



In most cases the electronics will be designed in parallel with the other parts of the product. A typical electronics development project would have the following stages:
  • selection of the main components for the system, like processor, micro-controllers, displays, camera, battery, touch panels, etc.
  • evaluation of the main components with development boards, to test functionality and efficiently design the system.
  • design of the schematics of power management solutions, I/O, EEPROM, memory, DC/DC converters, drivers, interfaces and passive components.
  • design of the pcb layout version 1.0 and assembly of a prototype, running test-firmware to test basic functions of the board.
  • optimizations of the schematics, optimizing the board layout leading to pcb version 1.1, ordering a new pcb prototype and run tests & evaluations.
  • upgrade of the schematics and PCB layout design with improvements for EMC / ESD regulations and manufacturing, leading towards a board version 2.0.
  • creation of a BOM (bill of materials) with corresponding choice of suppliers and purchasing data.
  • design of the first firmware to be able to test all functionality of the board.
  • assembly of prototype board 2.0, testing functionality, testing user experience, testing firmware, testing performance of the board in the total product.
  • adding minor improvements and upgrading the board towards version 2.1, ready to transfer to a manufacturing company for final engineering.
  • support regarding certifications in cooperation with partners (CE, EMC / ESD, LVD, UL)


Typical technologies and solutions that we have applied:
  • TFT display drivers
  • Power over Ethernet solutions according to PoE IEEE 802.3af and PoE+ IEEE 802.3at
  • multi-touch capacitive touch solutions
  • Battery power management with lithium polymer or li-ion
  • Switching power solutions, AC/DC convertions
  • Processors and microcontrollers like Atmel, PIC, ARM Cortex A9, Microchip, FPGA
  • Memory solutions like DDR-RAM, DDR2, NAND Flash, NOR Flash, EEPROM
  • Interface ports like SDHC memory card slot, serial, USB host and device, Ethernet
  • Image sensors and image data processing
  • Audio solutions, like internal microphone and speaker solutions in medical tablets, audio amps, etc.
  • Wireless communication modules with GSM/GPRS/UMTS, GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, iBeacon, WiFi / WLAN


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