Industrial design of high-quality consumer products

We love designing useful consumer products that stand out by their beauty and meaning. Products that are a true addition to your life.
We have experience in designing all kinds of consumer products, both consumer electronics, personal care and kitchenware.

In-focus: Music Center

This music centre offers the possibility to enjoy music through the house. Utilizing wireless streaming music technology, the music on iPod's and Laptop with iTunes can be accessed by means of the easy to use remote control. The product has a hard drive on board, iPod docking station, CD / DVD player and internet radio.

The product got international attention, as well as from Apple, and the Apple Benelux distribution channel offered to run this product in their 600 stores.

We work both with promising start-ups, mid-sized innovative companies and established multinationals, worldwide.

  • Brite Air Parts Inc, USA
  • Band Industries, Libanon
  • Decathlon S.A. / Oxylane Group, France
  • Feltest Equipment BV, Netherlands
  • Niko Projects BV, Netherlands
  • Niko NV, Belgium
  • Nauka Technika Medicina LCC, Russia
  • Orio Group Ltd, Moscow, Russia
  • Philips Personal Health Systems, Netherlands
  • Resqtec BV, Netherlands
  • STL Group BV, Netherlands
  • SMF Potok Inter, Moscow Russia
  • Swisscom NGT International BV, Netherlands
  • Triangle Kitchentools GmbH, Germany
  • TÜV Rheinland Sonovation BV, Netherlands
  • Vendor BV, Netherlands
  • Vogel's Products BV, Netherlands
  • Zeleritaz Racing Sports, Hong Kong

Babycare Tap

A distinguished consumer product that combines a water heater and water cooler.

Yet the most interesting function is the possibility of instant preparation of baby food, by dispatching water at exactly 37 degrees.

The specially designed and engineered metal top-part offers a round opening, from where the water flows into your baby bottle. At the same time you can drop the baby nutrition powder from above through the hole, it mixes instantly with the water, and the powder does not clog when dosing it into a moist bottle. The product offers LED lighting for operation at night.


Roadie Tuner

The Roadie Tuner is a full automatic guitar tuner, working together with your smartphone. Fine tune your guitar in a matter of seconds. Simply connect Roadie to the tuning peg, strum any string, and watch Roadie perform the tuning.

The Roadie App allows you to create a profile for your instrument, it keeps track of your strings quality, would advise you when it’s time to restring, and logs your instrument maintenance information.




In many cases emergency services are loosing time in the last few hundreds of meters approaching an accident or emergency. Navigation systems are very powerful, but in many situations the last part is still hard: a flat building has multiple entries, in a newly-build area some streets are still not in the navigation system, street numbering in the navigation does not match with reality or in very remote area's in the darkness, where it is hard to find a small road leading to a farm or remote house.

That is where this powerfull emergency light comes in, giving a strong visual signal to the ambulance or police where to find the scene.

The emergency light is using 8 very strong power LEDs which are visible during full daylight at a distance of about 400 meters.





The Snooc has been designed specifically to introduce a high quality hair-straightener, with a long life span and good durability. Most present products are conservative and low quality, with basically everywhere the same technology.

The Snooc offers high quality automotive styling, top-materials, wireless technology and a special metal spring-system, connecting both parts with a high form integration.




Triangle Zester Kitchen Tool

A new innovative kitchen tool, build from high quality stainless steel and the sustainable material Christalan, which is a natural mineral.

The product is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The great elegant lines make the product a pleasure to work with both for professional as for amature cooks that appreciate quality kitchen tools.

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