Design firm for industrial design and product development.


We help your team to design powerful innovative products.

Bluelarix Designworks is the preferred choice for companies that look for creativity, visionary innovation and high quality industrial design.
Dozens of sports products, medical devices, high quality consumer products and tools for professionals are designed by us, won awards and are successfully deployed worldwide.

Our product design helps people to live healthier, safer and more beautiful by their meaning and function.
Industrial design, product design of sports products.

Award winning product design and development.

Our design firm combines product innovation with human oriented design, keeps focus and designs honest products with a powerful story.

Like in the case of Maplez Racing Sports. The new Maplez line of DWS Z1 inline skate wheels did not only win a Red Dot Design Award ( and a ISPO Gold Winner Award ( for best sports product 2015/2016, but is praised as well for the high level of innovation and sustainable solution.


Medical product design, development of medical devices

Industrial design of medical, e-health and laboratory products

What happens if you use space technology to control infections in hospitals? A great example of reshaping the world from our partner SMF Potok Inter.

The Potok 300 device is based on technology used in the MIR orbital station and the International Space Station (, using nano materials and bio-inactivation technology to kill 99,8% of all virusses, bacteria and fungus in the air. The devices operate in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms to serve as a highly efficient supplementary infection control device.



Joep Rous

Philips Personal Health Systems

“I am impressed! I am positively surprised by the solutions you came up with”

Antoine le Cuziat

Kipsta / Decathlon

"What a great prototype! Thanks for your results on this industrial design project! Glad to see that you shared the pleasure we have working on this project."

Evert Jaap Lugt

Swisscom NGTI

“I am happy we came to a great product design. I gladly connect my name to this."

Bjorn Snijders

TüV Rheinland Sonovation

"We are content with the present industrial design solution, it is a great step forward communicating the quality we deliver.”



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Many years of experience in industrial design and product development

Your team can benefit as well from our years of experience in a wide range of aspects of industrial design and product development, including:
  • design strategy, ergonomics and user research, ecologic strategies
  • hand and digital sketching, form finding, mockups & model making
  • high quality 3D CAD surface modeling, renderings, presentations
  • detailled 3D CAD engineering, 2D technical drawings, simulations
  • high performance sports and medical grade metals
  • technical plastics, high performance plastics, 2k moulding, textures, LSR, IML, ultrasonic welding
  • prototyping, functional & user testing, iterations, general and medical certifications, transfer to manufacturing

industrial design of consumer products

Industrial design of high quality consumer products

We love designing useful consumer products that stand out by their beauty and meaning. Products that are a true addition to your life.

Our team has experience in designing all kinds of consumer products, both consumer electronics, personal care and kitchenware, where functionality, durability and quality are important factors.

Our design services help your team with 'class A' 3D CAD surface modeling, FEM analysis, Design for Manufacturing, testing prototypes in accordance with safety norms and support with certifications.


industrial product design of professional tools

Industrial design of professional products and tools

We design and develop products and tools that help professionals to do their job well. We integrate good design, high-class ergonomics and robust engineering in highly functional professional products.

Our professional products mainly serve professionals in complicated conditions like in a hot paper-factory or in a cold Siberian climate in the oil industry.

Focus, choices and risks

We assist your team to create strategic design vision, to keep focus and to manage the development process. We use powerful tools to make effective decisions together with your team and minimise risks.


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product design with visionary innovation

The way how we use product design and product development in our design firm has been tested in dozens of projects.
In order to create great design and visionary innovation, we test with users, use powerful industrial design and psychology tools, and create a solid design strategy.

If you would like to discuss your project with us or get more information about our design firm and our design process, then you are most welcome to contact us.


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