Industrial design of sports products

aero helmet, bike helmet, sports design

Dynamic Aero Helmet H1 Carbon

Aerodynamic helmet with patented features, for inline skaters and bikers.
blt, bearing release tool, inline skate, sports design

BLT bearing release tool

BLT is an innovative hand tool for release of all 608 bearings.
inline skate wheel, product design, maplez, sports design

DWS Z1 skate wheels

DWS Z1 is a sleek, streamlined, high-performance and eco-friendly wheel system.
activity monitor, heart beat sensor

Philips Activity Monitor 4

High performance activity monitor, with integrated heart pulse sensor and comfortable active wristband.
decathlon, sports bottle, sports design

Decathlon Aptonia ESS

Sports bottle with intuitive and easy to use dosing, for use with sports nutrition.
aero helmet, bike helmet, sports design

Easy Slot M2

Innovative inline skate slot-in system for mounting on bags.

Productdevelopment of medical, e-health and laboratory devices

philips, activelink, activity monitor

Philips ActiveLink 2.0

State-of-the-art Activity Monitor, that comes with soft wristband and clip for easy wearing.
medical air treatment, bio inactivation

Potok 300 bio-inactivation device

Serie of medical air cleaning devices serving in obstetric departments, neonatal units and operating rooms.
medical tablet, touch

5G Medical Tablet

Medical tablet computer for care applications, with enhanced audio technology that meets medical standards.
medical intercom system

PAM e-health system

The Personal Alarm Monitor helps care homes to work more efficient, while still offering excellent care on a distance.
personal medical alarm


Medical alarm system, where the user can call for assistance in hospital or care home.
philips, activelink, activity monitor

Philips Health Monitor

Next generation Health Monitor with integrated heart beat sensor.
medical, docking station

5G Medical Docking

Docking station for medical and care applications, custom designed for the 5G medical tablet.

product design of high quality consumer products

music center, audio, product design, consumer product, design

Music Center

A wireless music product that let's you play music from your libraries on smartphone and laptops.
roadie tuner, guitar tuner, consumer product, design

Roadie Tuner

Fully automatic guitar tuner, connected by bluetooth to smartphones. Great for on-stage.
swisscom, home center, domotics, home automation

Swisscom Home Center

The Home Center is a central control point for the home with voip telephone communication, internet and in-house communication, ready for the home automation future.
snooc, hairstraightener, personal care

Snooc hair straightener

Personal care product with automotive styling, high quality materials, wireless technology and the special metal spring-system.
consumer product, product design, noodlamp, alarm light, emergency lamp


After the 112 alarm number has been called, the emergency lamp has to be placed on a visible place, and guides the emergency services by flashing in the last 400 meters.
zester, kitchen tool

Zester Kitchen Tool

A new innovative kitchen tool, build from high quality stainless steel and the sustainable mineral Christalan.
babycare, tap, consumer product, design

Babycare Tap

A distinctive consumer product that combines a kettle and water cooler, and supplies directly water at exactly 37 degrees for preparation of baby food.

industrial design of tools and products for professionals

tensio, paper industry, digital, measuring device

Tensio+ felt tension measuring

Digital measuring device for the paper industry. The design offers a total new look and feel, whereas the absolute measuring deviation was lowered to less then 5%.
CSM, Vendor, public toilet, automatic cleaning

CSM Clean Seat Matic

Automatic toilet seat hygiene system that can be mounted on any existing toilet. Specifically designed for public spaces like airports.
digital, measuring device, ultrasonic, TUV, Sonovation

TOFD / PE ultrasonic measuring

A very high quality ultrasonic measuring device, used to check and certify the quality of welds in the offshore and oil industry.
Volvo Wheelloader, concept design, industrial design

Volvo L350I Wheelloader

Concept design of both exterior and interior of the new generation of 52-tonne wheel loader L350I, the successor to the current L350F.

CrossMate drilling hand tool

Effective and simple plastic hand tool for professional concrete drillers, reducing dramatically the number of errors when drilling in concrete.

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