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Concept Design, the creation of the best product concept

Concept design is the creative process to translate the Design Strategy conclusions into the best possible product concept.
The process consists mainly of ideation, sketching, creating mockups, testing on users, making digital presentation sketches, building 3D surface models and continuously evaluating form and usability till a perfect product came into being.

From a Design Strategy to the best product concept

We use the design strategy conclusions as a start for the concept design. We use the defined shapes, colors and appearances of the Design Strategy on our sketching wall as guidance and start the creative process of ideation and sketching.

For every project we create a small team of 3 or 4 designers that start hand-sketching, creating hundreds of small sketches. They evaluate the sketches continuously on ergonomics, shape, fit into the strategy, technical solution, manufacturability and other factors. Some of the promising sketches are translated into dozens of foam mockups, to evaluate the shape in 3D.

During this process we will offer you a 'look in the kitchen' session, where we will discuss with you the raw sketches and advise on what we believe is the most promising direction.
Once the main direction has been chosen, we give the sketches more detail, run studies on colors, materials and more finalized shapes. This is also the moment that the first 3D surface modeling is done, that the product stack-up of technical components becomes more detailed and that some more or less final foam models are created to support the 3D surface modeling.

Class A automotive surface modeling

In order to reach the perfect shape we run the concept design of our products mainly in Alias Design, a powerful 3D surface modelling tool from the automotive industry.

We make sure that all lines have G3 continuity, and all surfaces connect to each other with at least G2 continuity, resulting in a high aesthetic quality concerning surface continuity, shadows and highlights.

Once the surface modeling is done, some 3D printed models will be made to check the final shape of the product, and make iterations in the surface model, before building the presentation of the final concept and going into the next stage of Design Adaptations.

Design Iterations

After we presented you the final concept both in a presentation and with mockups, we enter the short stage of Design Iterations. In this stage we make minor changes in the final concept design, based on input from your team and conclusions that we made together during the concept presentation.

When these minor iterations have been finished in the 3D CAD model, then we are ready with concept design. This means that there is a design-freeze, the concept is fixed, and now we will further develop the technical details and the 'inside' of the product.

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