Innovative solutions, that make a positive contribution in the lives of people.

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Together with your team we can create new high-quality products, with powerful innovative solutions, that make a positive contribution in the lives of people.

For complete design projects

You could involve us in complete design and product development projects, from the very early stages of design strategy and concept design, till high-end product development, 3D CAD engineering, prototyping, testing, certifications and preparing for manufacturing.

Or only parts of the process

You could also partner with us in parts of the process, for instance building a design strategy for your project or running a process of ergonomic or functional optimisation on an existing product.

insight, design strategy, meaning, design approach

Design Strategy

We thoroughly study the core meaning, users, use applications and design styling for a new solution or product, using research and creative tools, leading to a solid design strategy document.
system design

Functional Design

Whether we design a medical product, high performance sports product or a complex professional product, testing functionality with proof of concepts in a very early stage is important.
concept design, sketching, new concepts

Concept Design

Hand sketching, creating quick mockups, testing on users and in our team, digital sketching and high quality automotive 3D surface modelling form the core of our concept designs.
interaction design, interface design

Interaction Design

Parallel with the concept design, our team creates interaction schemes, works on usability & ergonomics and designs interfaces.
product engineering, 3D CAD engineering, product development

Product Engineering

Functionality and quality are absolutely crucial to create good products, therefore we offer high-end product engineering, with CAD surface modeling, FEM analyses, Design for Manufacturing, prototype testing according to safety norms and support with certifications.
prototyping, testing, interations

Prototyping & Iterations

Prototyping and testing is a continuous process during a design project to check usability and user friendliness. When shape, functionality and interaction are good, the files are ready for final engineering optimizations at a manufacturing company.
transport design, construction equipment design, agricultural machine design, train design, tram design

Commercial Vehicle Design

We design and develop commercial vehicles, new interior and exterior parts for construction machines, agricultural machines, trains and trams with Class A surface modeling, high level of ergonomics and innovative new solutions.
medical design, medical engineering

Medical Design

We design and develop semi-medical and medical devices, personal health devices, products for elderly care and rehabilitation, including support in the field of medical certifications.
Design strategy styling tool

Styling: not a matter of taste, but a strategy

We believe that the future styling of a product is not a matter of taste, but a strategic direction, which we determine during the Design Strategy stage. Based on core meanings, user observations and our styling tool we serve your team a styling direction that communicates both your company values and ambitions as well as the meaning a user will give to the product.


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The way how we use product design and product development in our design firm has been tested in dozens of projects.
In order to create great design and visionary innovation, we test with users, use powerful industrial design and psychology tools, and create a solid design strategy.

If you would like to discuss your project with us or get more information about our design firm and our design process, then you are most welcome to contact us.


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